Thursday, June 22, 2017

Work or career

I had never thought I'd ever write about work culture! I always enjoyed my career. Like everything else in life, even my career has had its ups and downs. But I enjoyed going to office, meeting up with colleagues, work pressure, time bound deadlines, cost savings, gossiping tea breaks ;)

But some recent events in my life have made me ponder on a few things in life!!

I have laughed at people who have mentioned gender bias in work life! I used to assume that they were spineless women who could not fight for themselves! I always assumed that if I were put in such a situation I would make the respective male colleague fall at his feet and accept defeat! Now I realise it is not always possible!!

I have a friend who worked with me in one of my previous organizations. It is an MNC as well. When I spoke to her recently, I felt so angry... & so sorry for her. She is a pretty tough fighter. I have known her to be one of the best in her area of work! I understood that she had being going through hell in the last couple of years. Unlike the most surfacing case of sexual harassment, Gender Bias is not given much thought!! When you don't promote a woman or don't give her the right opportunities for her to learn, contribute and grow, when you assume that she can't put in as much effort as her male colleague, you are creating gender bias!! So what do you do then? When I have an issue, I should be able to approach someone in my management and my HR! It's such confidence that an organization gives to employees that makes them take their work as their career and not just a job.

Building trust amongst employees is not an easy job... But it is very important...  The HR is like the spine of an organization. There are many policies that have grey areas. Organizations need good HR team to be able to probe into issues and take the right call!! Having employees who deliver well is surely important, but ain't it more important to have ethically and morally conscious employees??

I have seen people fret over hiring women employees...  'They may not continue their job after marriage or after child birth or may chose personal commitments over their career'... But unless women are given equal opportunities, a comfortable work environment, a feeling of equality, equal pay, equal work responsibilities... you can't expect that!! When one treats women inferior to men at work place, when one feels recognition would suffice for women - rewards are not necessary - how does one expect women to treat their career like men do?

As a country, we need to move to a safer, just and equal environment for women too!!

& Women - We are in a war zone now.. We are fighting to have our place too... So it's ok to fight... Please don't compare yourselves to men! We are not made alike.. Don't assume we are in anyway inferior to men!! We can accomplish as much as (if not more than) the other gender!! Please stay put. Keep recording things officially.. Don't hesitate... At some point, some door will open up.. Just don't give up!

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