Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Have you ever been in a place of life where you feel it's just the best? Like if you died that second your life would have ended perfectly? & then you end up doing just the one thing to ruin it all?

Imagine making a management report ... you have finished it all so very well. There you are - appreciating yourself, feeling amazing about your efforts & you are about to be done & while you close the file - you forget to save it?!

Or imagine when you are having a perfect relationship with someone... things are going better than expected... every thing you both want in life is achieved & then there's one crazy thought that enters your head & you end up saying it aloud....

& then?!

I remember reading these lines -

Friendship is like a China ware
So very rich and rare
Once broken, it can be mended
But the crack is always there ....

The next report made may be good, but it will never be as good as the first one!
The repair can be done, but there's always a doubt on the genuineness of the relationship....


Would not have death been better....???!!!!

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